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Company Summary

Hamra-Sanayeh branch
L'Union Nationale building, Spears street, Sanayeh sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-738303/4/5; Fax.+961-1-354774
Jal El-Dib branch
3rd floor, Kanaan center, interior road, Jal El-Dib (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-718900; Fax.+961-4-718900
Jounieh branch
Neaime building, Municipality street, Jounieh (Kesrouane)
Tel.+961-9-912626,915032; Fax.+961-9-630025
Jbeil branch
Block G, Cordahi & Matta center, Old Tripoli road, Jbeil (Jbeil)
Tel.+961-9-944630/1; Fax.+961-9-549003
Tripoli branch
Farah Center, Fouad Chehab boulevard, Tripoli (Tripoli)
Tel.+961-6-433231,442689; Fax.+961-6-433231
Zahleh branch
Ghattas building, Bresil street, Zahleh (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-823240; Fax.+961-8-823240
Mazraet Yachouh branch (Elissar)
Elissar center, Main road, Elissar area, Mazraet Yachouh (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-914548/9; Fax.+961-4-911014
Saida branch
Hilton building, Riad Solh street, Saida (Saida)
Tel.+961-7-724422; Fax.+961-7-724422
Baakline branch
Harb Commercial Center, Al-Marj area, Baakline (Chouf)
Tel.+961-5-303168; Fax.+961-5-303168

Branches Abroad:
Kuwait branch
Bahman building, Ahmad Al-Jaber street, Sharq area, Kuwait City, 13008 Kuwait
Tel.+965-2420390; Fax.+965-2420366
P.O.Box: 781 Safat
E-mail: info@alittihadalwatani.com.kw
United Arab Emirates branch
Mohammad Bin Daher building, Al-Qarhood center, Airport street, Deira, Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel.+971-42-823266; Fax.+971-42-823490
P.O.Box: 3000 Dubai
E-mail: unic1@emirates.net.ae
Abu Dhabi branch
Flat no. 301, 3rd floor, Al Dafir building, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
P.O.Box: 43806 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
E-mail: unicad@unicad.ae

Sanad Cooperative Insurance & Reinsurance Co. Sal
Saudi Arabia
Falcon Ins Co. S.A.O.G.
Muscat, Oman

Associated Co.:
La Phenicienne Insurance & Reinsurance Co. Sal
Hanna Haddad building, Amine Gemayel street, Sioufi sector, Beirut
Tel.+961-1-397033; Fax.+961-1-424532
Leaders Insurance & Reinsurance Sal
3rd floor, Yachouhi center, Highway, Jal El-Dib (Metn)
Tel.+961-4-722910; Fax.+961-4-722916

Board of directors:
•Mr. Tannous K Feghali (Chairman & General Manager)
•Me. Joseph B Farah (Member of the Board)
•Me. Viviane T Khoueiry (Member of the Board)

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Tannous K Feghali

    Chairman & General Manager

  • Mr. J. A.

    Deputy General Manager

  • Mr. R. F.

    Administrative & IT Manager

  • Mr. G. S.

    Reinsurance & Hull

  • Mr. J. C.

    General Accidents & Marine Cargo

  • Mr. M. N.

    Life & Hospitalization

  • Mr. P. G. Z.

    Commercial & Marketing Manager

  • Mr. M. F.


  • Mr. B. M.

    Financial - Consolidated

  • Mr. P. N. M.

    Financial Manager

  • Mr. G. F.

    Manager, Jal El-Dib branch

  • Mr. F. E.

    PI Manager, Jounieh branch

  • Mr. K. R.

    Manager, Tripoli branch

  • Mr. T. M.

    Manager, Jbeil branch

  • Mr. A. C.

    Manager, Zahleh branch

  • Mr. R. H.

    Manager, Sanayeh branch

  • Mr. R. S.

    Manager, Mazraet Yachouh branch

  • Mrs. R. C.

    Manager, Saida branch

  • Mr. S. H.

    Manager, Baakline branch

  • Mr. G. C.

    Manager, U.A.E. branch

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