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Company Summary

AGEV S.A.L., the leading company of signs & signage in Lebanon, offers a wide range of innovative solutions for all needs based on quality standards & security norms, from the import, design, manufacture, supply, installation & after sales services of internal signage, built-up letters, backlit signs, road passing by digital printing, engraving, silk print, road marking & road safety equipment.
AGEV Sarl is a 3M authorized converter.

Companies represented:

Associated Co.:
Les Affichages Pikasso SAL

Main owners:
•Mr. Antonio-Giulio E Vincenti (Owner)
•Ms. Nada A Mouannak (Owner)
•Mrs. Carla Bou Assi (Owner)

General Information


  • GB Segnaletica  (Distributor / Importer)

    road safety equipment

  • Snoline  (Distributor / Importer)

    impact attenuators

  • Verital  (Distributor / Importer)

    road marking paints

  • Seberg  (Distributor / Importer)

    signage, showcases, directory systems & totems

  • Benito-FDB  (Distributor / Importer)

    urban furniture

  • Snowline  (Distributor / Importer)

    speed bumps

  • Prismo  (Distributor / Importer)

    thermoplastic paint

  • Ditec  (Distributor / Importer)

    automatic gates

  • 3M  (Distributor)

    reflective sheeting

  • GE  (Distributor / Importer)

    LED module


  • Type:

    ISO 9001 2000

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Antonio-Giulio E Vincenti


  • Mrs. C. B.

    General Manager

  • Ms. L. S. A.


  • Mrs. C. M.

    Quotation Manager

  • Mr. A. E.

    Purchasing Officer

  • Mrs. D. K.

    Administrative Manager

  • Mrs. L. C.

    Human Resources Manager

  • Mr. M. A.

    IT Manager

  • Mr. W. K.

    Senior Sales Representative

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