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Tecmo Sal

Activities: TECMO FROID Design, supply & installation of Cold Stores. Design, supply & installation of controlled atmosphere stores. Design, supply & installation of HVAC systems. TECMO CASA Design, supply & installation of aluminum windows, doors, partitions & curtain walls. Design, supply & installation of aluminum composite cladding. Design, supply & installation of glass structures. Design, supply & installation of insulation solutions. Design, supply & installation of steel structure. Design, supply & installation of floor treatment solutions TECMO PACK Supply & installation of packaging machines & systems. TECMO CONTROLS Design, supply & installation of automation systems. Design, supply & installation of controls systems. Design, supply & installation of parking management systems TECMO ENERGY Design, supply & installation of energy management & energy recovery systems. Design, supply & installation of power plants. Branches: Office Hazmieh (Baabda) Factory Daraya (Kesrouane) Office, Tecmo Ghana Ltd Spintex road, Accra, Ghana Office, Tecmo Qatar Doha, Qatar Office, Tecmo Senegal Km 2,5 Boulevard du Centenaire de la Commune de Dakar, BP1025, Dakar Associated Co.: Assouad Group Holding Sal Mecanix Shops Sarl Meeting Point Sal Cedra Ingenieurie & Management Sarl Main owners: •Mr. Philippe E Assouad (Owner) •Mrs. Marie-Christine Assouad-Sfeir (Owner) •Mr. Pierre E Assouad (Owner) •Miss Carine Assouad (Owner)

  • Plastic products for the building industry
  • Plastic products
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation materials, plastic, for the building industry...

D8 Metals Sarl

Activities: D8 Metals was established in 2004 as a specialized company in aluminum and steel works, architectural metals, cladding & custom-made electro-mechanical projects. We work on delivering a quality product, that is continuously & meticulously monitored by our qualified team of engineers & dedicated labor with the adopted quality control procedures, paired with state-of-the-art equipment & tools to meet the highest standards. D8 Metals has the ability of designing & contracting global & coherent solutions while respecting the international standards, specifically when it comes to complementary multi-task projects. D8 Metals team is constantly updated with the latest innovations & technologies in the domain, from attending construction fairs, to international technical trainings & management courses, so we make sure our clients are provided with the newest & most advanced solutions. As a high-end company, we narrowly choose our partners and suppliers from all over the world including countries like France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland to provide the best quality materials possible, for a long-lasting & maintenance-free product, delivered on time and assembled on site. Most importantly, our success relies on integrity and mutual trust between our team members for the purpose of building a long-term relationship with our faithful clients. We are proud of the continuous relationship with all our customers throughout the past years. We believe that it is a result of our commitment to deliver high-end products that surpass their expectations. Branches: POS 1st floor, Najjar building 4, Industrial area, Zouk Mosbeh (Kesrouane) Tel.+961-9-226688 POS ALgeria Main owners: •Mr. Fady S Sassine (Owner) •Mrs. Carole Sassine (Owner) •Ms. Ivy Maria F Sassine (Owner)

  • Structural metal fabrications for building work
  • Metal constructions for the building industry
  • Space frame structures, metal...
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