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Shipping and forwarding agents
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Top Cargo Transporters Sarl

Ultra Maritime Services Sarl

Multimodal Shipping Services Sarl

Red Global Logistics Sal

Red Logistics Sal

Libania Shipping Services

Mekhael Andraos Est.

Mouannes Express Sal

Le Bleu KG Sarl

TransMed Logistics International Freight Forwarder Sarl

Meromar Shipping Agency Ltd

Eurabia Sal (Off-Shore)

Alain Harfouche Est.

Adelmar Shipping Lines Sarl

Abi-Rached Est.

Seachart Marine Sarl

Qwata Travel & Tourism

Rassoula Maritime Sarl

Phoenician Maritime Agency (P.M.A) Sal

Freight Leader Sarl

Global Travel Sarl

Airlink Lebanon Sal

Fadimar Shipping Agency


Middle Side Shipping Sarl (M.S. Shipping)

Nakhoul Travel


KN-ITS Sal (Kuehne + Nagel Group)

Michel Melkane Est.

Khalil Ayoub Semaan Est.

Toff Group

Elia A. Haddad

Sea Sky Services Sarl

Joint Transport & Clearance

Pelican International Services

Z Shipping & Forwarding Sal

DHL Global Forwarding Lebanon Sal

Seafreight s.a.l.

Central Transport & Clearing Co. Ltd, CTC

Tourism & Shipping Services Sarl

Globe Express Services (GES) Sal

Trans Office (Georges Abou Hamad et Fils)

Libanfracht (Metz & Co.)

General Transportation Services Sal, GTS

Absal Express International Transport

Sky Freight Shipping Co. Sarl

Saad Transport Sal

Raymond Dahan Est.

Embassy Freight Services Leb S.A.L.

Hosari Cargo Group S.A.R.L.

Arrangement & Industry Lebanese Co. Sarl (AILCO)

Almarwa Co. (Salah & Abdelsalam Braide & Co.)

The Levant Shipping Agency Fouad A. Khayat & Co. Sal

A.S.L. Air Sea Land Clearing & Forwarding Services sal

Lebanese Shipping Union

Beirut International Movers Sarl, BIM

Universal Freight Services Sarl

All Transport Middle East Sarl

Tripoli Container Service (TCS)

O.D. Debbas & Sons Sal

Ezzat Houssami Est.

Georges Chalhoub & Co. Sarl

Hammoud Travel, Tourism & Transport

Maamari & Maalouf Freight Services Sarl (M & M Freight Services)

Sallaum Lines Sal

Extreme Shipping Services Sarl (E.S.S.)

Maersk Lebanon Sarl


Amal Nabih Saleh Est.

Wissam Mohamed Zarkout Est.

Marmed Marine Services Company Sarl

Ned Nashipco Sal (Off-shore)

International Forwarders Services Sarl

Seatrans Agencies S.A.L.

Tarek Nadime Hariri Est.

Roger N. Dagher Clearing Agent

Expeditors International - Lebanon Sal

Damco Maritime Lebanon Sal

Canari International Sal / Gateway Travel, Tourism & Freight

Georges Roucoz Sader Est.

All Transport Agency Sarl

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