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Nasco Automotive Sarl

Wascop Sarl (Water & Sewage Conditioning Projects)

Ets Ado pour le Commerce

Arrow Trading & Contracting

Joseph Tehini & Fils

Castor Trading Sal

Hammoud's Trading Est

Hassanein Co. for Trading & Industry

Rimawa Sarl

Aquamana Sarl

Waternet Sarl (Water Networks & Systems)

Abdul Razzak Itani & Sons Co. Sarl (Arison)

Akiki Engineering Est.

Etudes et Réalisations Techniques-Burotec Sarl

Sanicalor Sarl

Waternet Sal (Off-Shore)

Antoine Adem Est.

Metal Entreprises Co.

HMD Africa Sal (Off-shore) (Heavy Machinery Dealership)

PTC Services Sarl

Rafic Gazzaoui & Co. Sal

Lebanese Group for Engineering Development Co. Sal (Legend)

Sodicom Sal (Société de Développement Industriel & Commercial)

Contra International Sarl

Wadih Jreissati et Fils Sal

Ibrahim Tabsh & Sons Sal

Sataco Sarl

Jubaili Bros. Sal

Naturenergie Sarl

Ayanian Group Sal

G. Ayanian & Sons

Obeid for Pumps

Sacom (Georges Sultanem & Co.)

Esco Company Sarl

Water For Life Sal


General Electrical Mechanical (GEM) Sarl

J. Pump Sarl

Kumaro Sarl

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