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Faculty of Business Administration
- Bachelor:
Accounting and Audit, Marketing and Management, Banking and Finance, Human Resources.
- Masters:
Management Information System, International Marketing and Management, Banking and Finance, Operations and Logistics
- Faculty of Public Health
Physical Therapy
Nursing Sciences
Dental Laboratory Technology
- Faculty of Engineering and Telecommunications
Systems and Networks
Telecommunications and Networks
Multimedia and Networks
Software and Networks
- Faculty of Information & Communication
Graphic design
Information and Communication
- Master in Information and Communication
- Faculty of Theological Sciences and Pastoral Studies
-Institute of Physical Education & Sports
-Faculty of Music and Musicology
-Antonine School of Music
International Association of Universities (IAU)
Conference of Rectors and Presidents of the Middle East Region (CONFREMO)
Cooperation and Research Information Network (IFCU)
Federation of European Catholic Universities (FUCE)
Federation of the Lebanese universities
Bloc of the Lebanese Presidents of the catholic universities (CRUCL) Permanent Exhibition of the Mediterranean Universities
Catholic Association Universities in Lebanon & Abroad
AUF - Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie
Association of the Lebanese Private Universities
EUCEN: European University Continuing Education Network
China: Southern Normal University of China
Canada: Université Laval
Université de Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne
Université de Bourgogne (UB)
Université de Franche Comté (UFC)
Université d'Aix-Marseille
Université de Grenoble
Université de Pau et des pays de l'Adour
ISEP de Paris
Université Paris 4-Sorbonne
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3
Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
Université de Toulon
Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)
Haute École Leonard de Vinci
Sapienza University of Rome
Switzerland: Université de Lausanne (UNIL)

Zahleh (Zahleh)
Tel.+961-8-902020/30/40; Fax.+961-8-902050
P.O.Box: 73 Zahleh
Majdlaya (Zghorta)
Tel.+961-6-669101/2; Fax.+961-6-669103

Main owners:
•Antonine Maronite Order (Owner)

General Information

Key figures



Executive information

  • Father Germanos Germanos


  • Father J. B.

    General Secretary

  • Father R. A.


  • Father G. M.

    Director of Zahleh-Bekaa Branch

  • Father F. E.

    Director of Mejdlaya-Zghorta Branch

  • Father C. A.

    Dean of the Faculty of Theological Sc & Pastoral Studies

  • Father Y. F.


  • Father T. M.

    Dir of Antonine School of Music & Antonine University Choir

  • Mr. A. Y.

    VP for Academic & International Affairs

  • Dr. M. G.

    VP for Innovation & Director of the Centre of Languages

  • Prof. G. N.

    VP for Quality & Accreditation & Dean of the faculty of BA

  • Prof. N. A.

    VP of Research Publishing House, Faculty of Musicology

  • Dr. G. M.

    Dean of the Faculty of Public Health

  • Prof. N. Z.

    Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Telecommunications

  • Dr. C. A.

    Director of the Department of Computer Science

  • Dr. J. M.

    Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication

  • Mrs. M. N.

    Dir of the Department of Nursing Sciences

  • Mrs. Z. M.

    Dir of the Institute of Physical Education & Sports

  • Mr. N. E.

    Dir of the Department of Dental Laboratory Technology

  • Mr. E. A.

    Dir the Department of Physical Therapy

  • Mr. F. K.

    Dir of the Office of Orientation and Admissions

  • Ms. M. N.

    Dir of the Alumni Relations Office

  • Mr. T. R.

    Admin Dir of Zahlé-Bekaa Branch

  • Mr. M. J.

    Admin Dir of Mejdlaya-Zgharta Branch

  • Mrs. M. E.

    Dir of the Accounting Office

  • Me. C. B.

    Legal Advisor

  • Mr. F. A.

    Project Manager and Dir of the Placement Office

  • Mr. J. M.

    Dir of the IT Department

  • Ms. V. E.

    Dir of the Communication Office

  • Dr. T. A.

    Dir of Centre d'Accompagnement en pédagogie universitaire

  • Ms. J. M.

    Internal Auditor

  • Ms. M. M.

    Dir of the library

  • Dr. J. M.

    Dir of the Continuing Education Center

  • Dr. M. G.

    Director of the Center of Language

  • Mr. J. S.

    Director of the HR Office

  • Ms. H. I.

    Director of the Social Affairs Office

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