Soprel Liban Sal

Soprel building,
Kartaba road, Industrial area
Halate (Jbeil)

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Company Summary

Manufacturers of concrete products.
Concrete post-tensioning contractors.

Board of directors:
•Eng. Rony Jabbour (Chairman & General Manager)
•Mr. Christian Jabbour (Assistant General Manager)
•Mrs. Lamita Chmor-Jabbour (Member of the Board)
•Mr. Adel G Jabbour (Member of the Board)


  • Soprel Liban 

    hollow core prestressed precast slabs, prestressed precast slabs, beams, joists & lintels

  • Soprel Liban 

    Precast concrete structural elements & glass reinforced cement (GRC) facia panels & decorative elements

  • Dywidag 

    post tension systems

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Christian A Jabbour

    Chairman & General Manager

  • Mr. A. G. J.

    Assistant General Manager

  • Eng. R. J.

    Assistant General Manager

  • Mr. J. S.

    Financial & Administrative Manager

  • Eng. G. J. S.

    Trading & Production Manager

  • Eng. M. H.

    Post-Tension Manager

  • Eng. Z. Z. Z.

    Electro-Mechanical Manager

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