National Beverage Company s.a.l.

Coca-Cola Bottler of Lebanon, Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Co.

Coca-Cola plant,
Oumara street
Choueifate (Aley) P.O.Box 30046

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Company Summary

Manufacturers of soft drinks, juices & bottled mineral water.

Coca-Cola plant, Oumara street, Choueifate (Aley)
Tel.+961-5-438000; Fax.+961-5-438011
Haret Jandal (Chouf)
Tel.+961-5-311112,310439; Fax.+961-5-311112
Main Office
Coca-Cola plant, Oumara street, Choueifate (Aley)
Tel.+961-5-538000; Fax.+961-5-438011,4380022
Main Warehouse & Sales Warehouse
Coca-Cola plant, Oumara street, Choueifate (Aley)
Tel.+961-5-438000; Fax.+961-5-438011,438022
Sales Warehouse
Kalamoun (Tripoli)
Sales Warehouse
Taanayel (Zahleh)
Sales Warehouse
Zahrani (Saida)

Board of directors:
•Mr. Salim V Bitar (Chairman of the Board/General Manager)
•Aujan Gulf LLC Co. (Member of the Board)
•National Beverage Company Holding s.a.l (Member of the Board)

General Information


  • Coca-Cola 

    soft drinks

  • Coca-Cola Lite 

    soft drinks

  • Coca-Cola Zero 

    soft drinks

  • Fanta 

    soft drinks

  • Fanta Lite 

    soft drinks

  • Sprite 

    soft drinks

  • Sprite Lite 

    soft drinks

  • Schwepps 

    tonic & soda water

  • Canada Dry 

    soft drinks

  • Nada 

    mineral water

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Mohamad Itani

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Mr. A. H.

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mr. K. S.

    Sales Manager

  • Mr. A. H.

    Finance Manager

  • Mr. H. I.

    Plants Manager

  • Mr. S. S.

    Human Resources Manager

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