Fransabank Sal

Fransabank Center, Hamra street

General Information

  • Year established


  • Registration no.

    25699 Beirut

  • Type of company


  • Website

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  • On site


  • Company

    From 1000 to 4999  Employees

  • Group


Fransabank Sal > Activities

  • Producer
  • Distributor
  • Service provider


  • Adnan Kassar

    Chairman General Manager

  • A. K.

    Deputy Chairman General Manager

  • N. K.

    General Manager

  • M. B.

    General Manager

  • N. K.

    Secretary General

  • J. S.

    Executive Advisor to the Chairman

  • N. K.

    Deputy General Manager, Head of Human Resources

  • M. D.

    Deputy General Manager, Head of Corporate Banking

  • P. E.

    Deputy General Manager, Head of Retail Banking

  • N. M.

    Deputy General Manager, Head of Strategy & Development

  • M. K.

    Deputy General Manager, Group Chief Risk Officer

  • N. S.

    Deputy General Manager, Group Chief Financial Officer

  • N. T.

    Deputy General Manager, Head of Treasury & Capital Markets

  • W. A.

    Advisor, Legal Affairs

  • F. M.

    Advisor, Corporate Banking

  • C. A.

    Head of Central Operations

  • A. Y.

    Head of Credit Appraisal

  • P. P.

    Head of Organization

  • A. A.

    Business Development Consultant, Corporate Banking

  • R. T.

    Chief Information Officer Head of ICT & Projects

  • G. A.

    Head of International Banking

  • Z. C.

    Group Chief Internal Auditor

  • Z. E.

    Head of Inspection

  • K. A.

    Head Special Credits

  • D. K.

    Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications

  • H. K.

    Head of Policies & Procedures

  • A. Z.

    Head of Small & Medium Enterprises

  • M. K.

    Head of Administration

  • A. M.

    Head of Security and Business Continuity

  • A. J.

    Head of Consumer Banking

  • L. D.

    Head of Local & Overseas Credit Cards

  • D. H.

    Head of Credit Reporting & Documentation

  • R. A.

    Head of Credit Information

  • W. A.

    Head of Alternative Channels

  • L. G.

    Head of Loan Recovery

  • N. M.

    Head of Engineering & Logistics

  • F. K.

    Group Chief Compliance Officer

  • J. O.

    Head of Judicial

  • J. A.

    Head of Branch Management, Regional Mgr, Main Branch & North

  • N. S.

    Regional Manager-Beirut I

  • A. N.

    Regional Manager-Beirut II

  • F. A.

    Regional Manager-Mount Lebanon, Group A

  • G. S.

    Regional Manager-Mount Lebanon, Group B

  • T. H.

    Regional Manager, South

  • A. A.

    Regional Manager, Bekaa

  • F. C.

    Deputy Regional Manager, Bekaa

  • N. C.

    Deputy Regional Manager / North


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