Fransabank Sal

Fransabank Center,

Hamra street

Beirut , Lebanon

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General Information

Year Established: 1921

www :

Registration no. : 25699 Beirut

Type of company : Headquarters





On site
From 1000 to 4999
Total group



P = Producer / D = Distributor / S = Service


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Nadim Kassar

General Manager

M. B.

General Manager

N. K.

Secretary General

J. S.

Executive Advisor to the Chairman

A. E.

Chief Risk Officer, Head of Risk Management

M. D.

Deputy General Manager, Head of Corporate Banking

P. E.

Deputy General Manager, Head of Retail Banking

N. K.

Deputy General Manager, Head of Human Resources

M. K.

Deputy General Manager, Head of International Banking

N. M.

Deputy General Manager, Head of Strategy & Development

N. S.

Deputy GM, Head of Financial Control & Accounting

N. T.

Deputy General Manager, Head of Treasury & Capital Markets

W. A.

Advisor, Legal Affairs

F. M.

Advisor, Corporate Banking

C. A.

Head of Central Operations

A. Y.

Head of Credit Appraisal

P. P.

Head of Organization

A. A.

Business Development Consultant, Corporate Banking

R. T.

Chief Information Officer

Z. C.

Head of Internal Audit

K. A.

Head Special Credits

Z. E.

Head of Inspection

D. K.

Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications

S. N.

Head of Policies & Procedures

A. Z.

Head of Small & Medium Enterprises

M. K.

Head of Administration

A. M.

Head of Information Security

D. H.

Head of Credit Reporting & Documentation

R. A.

Head of Credit Information

S. D.

Head of Credit Monitoring & Classification

L. D.

Head of Local & Overseas Credit Cards

W. A.

Head of Electronic Banking

J. S.

Head of Anti-money Laundering

J. O.

Head of Judicial

N. M.

Head of Engineering & Logistics

J. A.

Head of Branch Management, Regional Mgr, Main Branch & North

N. S.

Regional Manager-Beirut I

A. N.

Regional Manager-Beirut II

F. A.

Regional Manager-Mount Lebanon, Group A

G. S.

Regional Manager-Mount Lebanon, Group B

T. H.

Regional Manager, South

A. A.

Regional Manager, Bekaa

M. D.

Deputy Regional Manager, Bekaa I

F. C.

Deputy Regional Manager, Bekaa II


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