FFA Private Bank Sal

One FFA Gate, Marfa 128 building,
Foch street, Beirut Central District, Majidiyeh sector
Beirut P.O.Box 90-1283

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Company Summary

Specialized bank.

FFA (Dubai) Limited
Office no. 103, Level 1, Building no. 7, Gate village, Dubai International Financial center (DIFC), Dubai, U.A.E.
Tel.+971-4-3637470; Fax.+971-4-3637471
P.O.Box: 506567 Dubai, U.A.E.
FFA Real Estate s.a.l.
Marfaa 128 Building, Foch Street, Beirut Central District, Lebanon
Tel.+961-1-971040; Fax.+961-1-985191
FFA Capital Ltd
Codan Trust Company (Cayman) Limited, Cricket Square, Hutchins Drive, Grand Cayman KY1-1111, Cayman Islands
P.O.Box: 2681

Board of directors:
•Mr. Jean E Riachi (Chairman & CEO)
•Mrs. Maria Catafago-Audi (Member of the Board)
•Mrs. Zahia Riachi Jabre (Member of the Board)
•Mr. Abdulaziz S Al Afaliq (Member of the Board)
•Mr. Georges E Romanos Bou-Jaoude (Member of the Board)
•Mr. AbdelKarim H Al Khalil (Member of the Board)
•Dr. Shadi K Karam (Member of the Board)
•Antheya Holding Sal (Member of the Board)
•Mr. Lucien Letayf (Member of the Board)
•Kapital Holding Sal (Member of the Board)

Key figures


Executive information

  • Mr. Jean E Riachi

    Chairman & CEO

  • Mr. G. R.


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